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Yposkafon Concept
The fully refurbished “cave” villa, Yposkafon Concept, is in Megalochori, one of the most picturesque villages in Santorini, just 50 metres off the main square of the village. Yposkafon Concept combines in the most successful way the traditional Santorini architecture with modern minimal design, a white Cycladic dream. The villa is a space of 100 sq.m. that includes 2 spacious bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining space, indoors mini-pool/jacuzzi, hammam, mini-gym with weights, yoga mats and TRX suspension trainer, and outdoors space including a terrace and a veranda.

The kitchen is fully equipped and has all necessary amenities including a dining space. Adjacent to the kitchen is the living space where our guests can relax and enjoy reading a book or a nice conversation. The two master bedrooms have double beds with luxurious super comfortable mattresses. The bathrooms is also designed to be minimal. They have a shower space and beauty and personal care products. Our mini pool/jacuzzi and hammam offer unique moments of relaxation and can be found in the same indoors wellbeing space like the mini-gym.

Yposkafon Concept is ideal for families and couples to experience the best of Santorini and a memorable holiday.
Santorini - Cave House
In Santorini, yposkafon house is a “cave” house that have been created by digging into the volcanic soil. An yposkafon house can be entirely or partially inside the volcanic rock. Traditionally, most houses in Santorini were built that way. Today, yposkafon is a central feature of the Santorini environment and a concept that lies at the very core of the Santorini experience.
at a glance
villa features
100 m2
4 + 1 guests
2 (with double beds)
2 (en-suite)
VERANDA (entrance)
table & chairs
TERRACE (upper floor)
with town view
free wi-fi
mini pool/jacuzzi - hammam
Interior Space
Kitchen – dining space
The kitchen and dining space of the villa are nicely designed using an inspiring pastel palette. The space is fully modern and has all necessary amenities.
mini pool
Mini Pool/Jacuzzi – wellness space
The villa offers a nicely decorated yposkafo space to exercise and relax. This includes a nice mini pool with a jacuzzi, hammam and a mini gym.
Bedroom – relaxing space
Both bedrooms are spacious and modern with amazingly comfortable mattresses. A sanctuary of calmness and relaxation.
living room
Living room – living space
This is a carefully designed multi-function space that lies at the heart of the villa. It is its social core where you can enjoy the company of other people or simply read your book and relax.
Exterior Space
Terrace – outdoors living space
The villa has a small terrace with a nice view of Santorini, where you can enjoy a glass of wine having mystical Santorini lying in front of you.
Veranda – outdoors living space
The villa has a nice veranda with country furniture just by its entrance. A nice space for socialising outdoors and enjoying a refreshing drink or coffee.
Yposkafon Concept
Why Choose us ?
Recently renovated
Recently renovated typical villa to experience and enjoy the real Santorini experience.
Location - Megalochori
Location in a amazingly preserved Santorini village, with traditional houses and canaves (wineries), but also trendy restaurants and spaces.
Attention to detail
The elegant design of the villa, with special attention to detail, aims for a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience.
Best price guarantee
We offer excellent value for your money and a memorable experience at the right price.
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Destination Santorini
Location: Megalochori is one of the prettiest and quietest little villages on the island.
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We are waiting for you in our beloved island of Santorini. We will be happy to hear from you for information as well as to make your reservation.
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Megalochori, 84700 Santorini